About Us

about us

Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds (MAD) is an Antwerp based diamond and gemstone trading company.
Our clients are jewellery designers and experienced collectors from all over the world, although we’ve also worked with gem lovers that have just started their journey in the world of gemstones.

our specialization

We’re specialised in supplying our customers with all shapes and sizes of:

  • fancy color diamonds 
  • white diamonds 
  • gemstones 

We offer certain fancy color diamonds as excellent investment opportunities and provide services of professional advisers who offer their knowledge and expertise to every investment case. All diamonds and gemstones have been purchased from legitimate sources that are not involved in funding conflict and comply with the United Nations resolutions. All our diamonds come with GIA, HRD or IGI certificates.

our mission

The purpose of our team is to inspire masterpieces, provide advice for weighted decisions and deliver with precision to jewellers, designers and collectors all around the world.
We are just mad about gemstones!

our history


Our history goes back to 1974 when the Veksler family started a gemstone trading business in Antwerp, Belgium.


In 2003 one of the founders of MAD (Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds) trading house, Reuven Veksler joined the family enterprise.
Since then, Reuven’s team has successfully operated in the gemstone trading industry and earned the trust of jewellers, designers and collectors from all over the world. We are used to working rigorously and dedicating all our attention to every single client and stone, following the traditions of the previous generations of the finest diamond dealers.


In the 2010s we noticed an active transformation and digitalisation of trading business all over the world. The speed of communication and accuracy of raw material evaluation increased drastically, which led to an acceleration of all the processes.
The tech has also made a major stride, and we’ve decided that our conservative working style should evolve according to the needs of the modern market.


In 2018 our team was joined by Mike Dorfman who became the managing partner of the company and applied his extensive experience and vision in the field of digital tech and international project management to the development of our company.
We set the goal to find the right technological balance to become market leaders in the following categories:

  • outstanding customer experience
  • widest range of gemstones in stock
  • most competitive prices

In 2019 the company name was turned into Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds (MAD), a company that combines classical approach, which is based on valuing every single client and stone, with modern technology that allows us to make the dreams of our all clients come true and exceed their expectations.

our memberships

Member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses
Member of the Antwerp Manufacturer Association
Member of the International Watch and Jewelry Guild
Member of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Member of the Diamonds and Jewelry Trading Network RAPNET

Compliant observer of Kimberly Process

contact information

Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds (MAD) is located in the very centre of the EU diamond business district – Antwerp Diamond Exchange, Belgium.
Legal information:
Pelikaanstraat 78
Antwerp 2018
The managing director of the Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds is Reuven Veksler.
Phone: +32486855797


we are happy to answer all your questions