Aries birthstones

Aries birthstones

The Aries period starts on the 21th of March and ends on the 19th of April.

Energetic and ambitious, Aries always try to achieve excellence in every sphere. Ruled by Mars – in mythology, Mars was the god of war – Aries just love a good debate and will go to great lengths to prove themselves right. Aries are also passionate, brimming with life, and have a gloriously big heart and generous spirit.

The most suitable gemstones for people born under this sign are beautiful Diamonds, Rubies & Jades.

Diamond balances wild and reckless Aries. It brings strength, love and stamina – even in the raging ocean of daily worries.

– Astrologers believe that Rubies can boost intuition and creativity of Aries. They help those who are trying to make their goals come true.

– Jade, a stunning ancient gem, helps to push out negative thoughts and promotes wisdom.

What other gemstones are beneficial for Aries? Apatite, Opal, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, and Obsidian will also help Aries to reveal their inner energy.

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