B for Brown Diamond

B for Brown Diamond

Brown Diamond 11.60 ct & Pair of Diamonds 8.40 ct

The color of champagne, cognac and chocolate is embodied in marvelous Brown Diamonds.


The amazing color of Brown Diamonds is caused by internal parallel brown grain lines due to distortion of the crystal lattice (arrangement of molecules). 

Its color is graded according to the K to Z scale:

  • Grades from K to M are called “Faint Brown”
  • Grades from N to Q-R are called “Very Light Brown”
  • Grades from S-T to Y-Z are called “Light Brown”

Therefore, Brown Diamonds can vary from lighter champagne colors to deep brown cognac and chocolate shades. 

Brown Diamonds are more affordable than pink, yellow and blue diamonds, and therefore more accessible to consumers. 


For many years Brown Diamonds were considered not so beautiful step-sisters of other diamonds. However, everything has changed! In recent years, Brown Diamonds underwent a rebranding and are finally appreciated for their beautiful range of brown hues.

There are several stunning examples of Brown Diamonds. The most famous one is the Golden Jubilee Diamond. Weighting 545,67 ct, it is worth more than $12 million!  It currently holds the record for the largest faceted diamond, beating even the Cullinan I. The diamond got its name in 1997 when it was presented to the King of Thailand on his 50th coronation anniversary. 

The Golden Jubilee Diamond

The other examples: the Golden Maharaja Diamond that weighs 65,57 ct and is a fancy dark orange brown pear-shaped diamond; the Earth Star Diamond of 111,59 ct and the Great Chrysanthemum Diamond listed as one of the largest brown diamonds in the world. It weighs 198,28 ct! Soon after its discovery, the diamond was bought by Julius Cohen, a jewelry designer from New York. Today, the Diamond is a pear -haped, fancy brown Diamond weighing 104.16 ct. 

Reuven’s comment

Beautiful brown diamonds are quite common and are not too high in price. They’re investment gems, yet they have their own charm.

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