Diamond shapes for uniqueness

Diamond shapes for uniqueness

Do you think that round or princess diamond cuts are too boring for engagement rings? Then we suggest you consider other diamond shapes presented in our list created specially for those of you who seek something unique!

💍 Oval cut

It’s an elegant and unusual choice – an elongated version of a round diamond cut that is no less sparkly.

💍 Radiant Cut

This shape is similar to an emerald-cut but its unique, deep-cut facets enable extra shine. It complements the natural shape of any diamond in a chic and splendid manner!

💍 Pear Cut

This shape – also known as a «teardrop» – is a perfect choice for a vintage look. Besides, pear-shaped diamonds tend to look larger than they really are!

💍 Asscher Cut

Assher cut was popular during the Art Deco period. It features an octagonal shape with 58 large step facets without any sharp edges. However, this cut requires the owner to invest in a high-quality diamond with lots of clarity, as this cut tends to reveal all the flaws.

💍 Heart Cut

A real symbol of love created for hopeless romantics. However, this cut is pretty complicated and too common.

💍 Baguette Cut

Another wonderful Art Deco-inspired cut. This type is most commonly used for accentuating diamonds in three-stone engagement rings.

💍 Trillion Cut

This cut is for those who want a ring unlike any other. Trillion-cut stones are great as accents or as the main stones in a three-stone ring. However, they also look great in solitaire rings.

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