Fabergé Easter eggs

Fabergé Easter eggs

The House that definitely knows a lot about eggs – The House of Fabergé!

In 1882 Peter Carl Fabergé took over his father’s ordinary jewelry business. Together with his brother Agathon, they transformed it into an international phenomenon. ✨

The success of the two brothers changed the nature of the business – the lost art of enamelling was rediscovered. Brothers added more lavish objets to their portfolio, including «objets de fantaisie» such as the Imperial Easter Eggs, now regarded as pinnacles of jewelers’ art.

Today, Imperial Easter Eggs are treasured in some of the world’s leading museums and private collections.

Russian emperors were so fond of Fabergé eggs, that they commissioned them on Easter and presented them as gifts to their relatives, friends and beloved ones.

Imperial Eggs are definite masterpieces!

💎 Lilies of the Valley Egg, 1898

This pink Art Nouveau egg, presented by Emperor Nicholas II to Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, is decorated with pearl- and diamond-set lily-of-the-valley twigs, the empress’s favourite flowers. It’s also designed in her favourite style. The surprise: three miniatures of their eldest daughters, Olga and Tatiana, surmounted by a diamond- and ruby-set Imperial Crown, appear when one of the pearls is twisted.

💎 The Duchess of Marlborough Egg, 1902

This clock-egg was purchased by Consuelo Vanderbilt, the Duchess of Marlborough, during her visit to Russia in 1902. Made of multi-colored gold, rose-cut diamonds, pearls and translucent pink and white guilloché enamel, the clock has a revolving dial, with a diamond-set serpent indicating time.

💎 Coronation Egg, 1897

This Faberge’s most iconic egg was presented by Emperor Nicholas II to his wife, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, as a token of her arrival in Moscow on a day of their Coronation. The egg opens to reveal a surprise in the form of a diamond-set enamelled gold miniature replica of the original 18th century carriage.

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