G for Gray Diamond

G for Gray Diamond

Gray Diamond 1.02 ct

Mystical, dark and riveting – a Gray Diamond. 


Gray Diamonds are in the same group with blue diamonds as these gems can coexist on a color continuum. These Diamonds are extremely rare. 

Gray color is caused by the presence of structural defects or by presence of micro-inclusions. Gray Diamonds come in the following intensity levels: Light Gray, Fancy Light Gray, Fancy Gray, Fancy Dark Gray, and Fancy Deep Gray. 

Most of these Diamonds have quite weak color saturation. However, they offer a chic and unique detail to their owners. Gray Diamonds also look fabulous in engagement rings – they emphasize individuality that is sometimes missed in conventional engagement rings. 


Unfortunately, there are no no notable Gray Diamonds simply because these gems barely exist. However, there is a joke: the most famous gray diamonds are blue! So, the Hope Diamond and the Wittelsbach Diamond (until Graff re-polished it to a pure blue) may be considered as the most prominent Gray Diamonds. 

Reuven’s comment

Gray diamonds come from the blue diamond family. This is evident on blue stones, which often have a gray undertone. They are not investment gems.

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