How to take care of natural diamonds

How to take care of natural diamonds

Although diamonds are known to be one of the hardest natural materials on the planet, they still require careful handling.

Here is a guide on how to take care of a diamond and maintain the everlasting sparkle of this gemstone.

1. The treatment depends largely on the piece of jewelry it is a part of – whether it is a gold ring or a silver necklace; a solo diamond or it is surrounded by other gemstones. We all know that diamond is the hardest material on the Earth, but what about precious metals or gems? They may be much more vulnerable.

2. Store your diamonds separately from other gemstones and pieces of jewelry. Ideally, in special boxes or in soft cloth pouches. In such boxes a diamond will not be spoiled by another diamond and will not damage other precious stones.

3. Avoid cleaning diamonds in domestic conditions as other parts of your jewelry, such as the metal or other gems, may be damaged by harmful household chemicals.

4. Never forget about professional cleaning. It’s better to take your diamonds to a professional jeweler. They will restore the initial shine of gems using special tools like Ultrasonic cleaner.

5. It is also a great idea to polish your diamond jewelry. But do it at the certified jeweler’s!

6. Finally, try not to wear your diamonds everywhere. Again: diamonds will survive a whole day of gardening or cooking, but your jewelry won’t thank you.

Diamonds are treasures of nature. They are meant to be handled with care in order to maintain and preserve its natural magic beauty.

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