libra birthstones

libra birthstones

Libra period starts on the 22nd of September and ends on the 23rd of October.

Being a sign of air, Libras crave balance. They’re kings and queens of compromise, striving to keep peace between everybody. Known for the love of being around people, they’re great leaders, friends, and partners, and they can apply these positive qualities to their personal and professional lives. However, all these traits also have a downside. Libras’ love of balance can get in their way, making them indecisive, non-confrontational and a little bit self-pitying. 

There’re several special birthstones for Libras that can enhance their positive traits and help them to defend their position confidently. 

💎 Astrologers believe that Opal grants Libras balance and brings them a solid sense of protection. 

💎 Aquamarine is also an important gemstone for air signs. Aquamarine provokes Libras to demonstrate their hidden courage and helps them face conflicts without fear. 

📍 What other gemstones are beneficial for this sign? Being a Libra, your other lucky stones are Amethyst, Demantoid, Emerald, Citrine or Peridot. 

Choose the gem that suits your taste or wear them all together!

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