marie Antoinette’s diamond bracelets

marie Antoinette’s diamond bracelets

Marie Antoinette’s Diamond Bracelets

Marie Antoinette bought the pair of stunning diamond bracelets in 1776. She literally paid a fortune for them – 250 000 livres! This enormous price was paid “partly in gemstones from the Queen’s collection and partly with funds the Queen received from King Louis XVI.” 

Marie Antoinette wearing the Diamond Bracelets

The bracelets were purchased from Charles Auguste Böhmer – the German jeweler, also known as a half of Böhmer et Bassenge – court jewelers to Louis XV. 

How could the Queen resist these diamond jewels?

The bracelets feature 3 glittering rows of evenly-matched diamonds with 3 larger diamonds in the center of each piece. What a timeless beauty!

Before the revolution, Marie Antoinette sent her jewelry out of the country. The chest with her jewelry pieces was sent to the Count of Mercy-Argenteau, an Austrian diplomat – he kept it until Marie Antoinette’s execution in Paris in 1793. Then, in 1796 the jewels were presented to Marie Antoinette’s only surviving child, Princess Marie-Thérèse of France, better known as Madame Royale. 

Today Christie’s offered Marie Antoinette’s diamond bracelets for sale. The pre-auction estimate for Marie Antoinette’s diamond bracelets is set at $2,000,000-4,000,000.

Sounds impressive, right?

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