O for Orange Diamond

O for Orange Diamond

Pair of Orange Diamonds 0.22 ct & 0.25 ct

The tastiest gemstone ever – the Orange Diamond. 


Although Yellow Diamonds are the most common among fancy color diamonds, natural untreated Orange Diamonds are among the rarest. According to the experts, less than 1% of all diamonds are orange, with pure orange coming in at an even lower rate. 

Orange Diamonds come in a variety of shades ranging from light orange to deep, vivid orange. The most desirable color is Fancy Vivid Orange – the one without a hint of brown. The color of Orange Diamonds is caused by atomic-level lattice defects connected to nitrogen impurities in the diamond structure. However, some experts disagree about this theory. Today, the real source of orange in Diamonds remains a mystery. 

Orange Diamonds are found primarily in the mines of South Africa and Western Australia. 


The most famous Orange Diamonds are the Pumpkin Diamond owned by Harry Winston, and the Koi Diamond owned by the Rawstone Business Holding.

The Pumpkin Diamond is a Fancy Vivid Orange weighing 5,54 ct. It was mounted in a pinky ring designed by Harry Winston in 1997/98. It was worn by Halle Berry on her left hand during the 2002 Academy Awards ceremony. 

The Koi Diamond is one of the most unique fancy colored diamonds in the world. It is a multi-hued orange and white diamond weighing 32 ct, which has been cut in the shape of Japanese Koi fish. 

Reuven’s comment

Orange diamonds are absolutely special. A diamond of pure orange color, without an admixture of yellow or brown, is considered a crazy find, a rarity and a great treasure. The price for such a stone will be based on millions per carat. Definitely great diamonds for investment!

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