Pisces birthstones

Pisces birthstones

The Pisces period starts on the 19th of February and ends on the 20th of March.

People born under this water sign are selfless and always willing to help others not expecting anything in return. They are capable of accepting any change that comes their way. Some of their most awesome qualities are sensibility, intuitiveness, compassion and significant emotional capacity.

Powerful gemstones that can support Pisces and dissolve all the negative energy are Aquamarine & Tanzanite.

Aquamarine encourages Pisces to flow smoothly through life. It’s also also believed to protect their emotional sensitivity, boost intuition and enhance intelligence.

– Astrologers believe that Tanzanite is perfect for all water zodiac signs. Tanzanite fosters compassion and kindness and helps Pisces to find enlightenment.

What other gemstones are beneficial for Pisces? Alexandrite, Adular, Heliodor, Emerald, Opal and Sapphire will also strengthen the weaknesses of Pisces and help to enhance their strengths.

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