Sotheby’s magnificent & noble jewels: the most stunning pieces

Sotheby’s magnificent & noble jewels: the most stunning pieces

All roads lead to Rome – all the most luxurious jewelry waits at the world’s top auctions.

This November Sothbey’s introduces The Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels Auctions in two parts: the 1st one will take place on November 10, while the 2nd part will start on October 28 and continue until mid-November.

Let’s see the most stunning jewelry pieces Sothbey’s presents this time. 

Is it possible to imagine any auction of Noble Jewels without tiaras? This time, there are several of them!

The 19th century Diamond Tiara (1880) features sophisticated design of scroll and foliate, set throughout with pinched collet-set cushion-shaped, circular- and single-cut diamonds. Each of five tiara’s elements is detachable, allowing you to wear them as brooches. 

Another Diamond and Sapphire Tiara dates back to the mid 19th century and comes from a European Princely Family. This Tiara also features five detachable elements – each with a stunning cushion-shape sapphire and diamond scattering. This is a piece for a real princess!

It seems that sapphires and rubies are the focus of attention at this auction. And no wonder!

Sapphires have been traditional gemstones of royals and high priests up until the 17th century – other individuals were strictly forbidden from wearing them. These gems are associated with nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. According to the legend, Helen of Troy owned a large star sapphire, which was believed to hold the secret of her beauty. Another example – French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte gave his beloved wife Josephine a two stone sapphire and a diamond engagement ring in 1796. 

It seems that one of the most interesting and historically important lots of this auction is the Romanov’s set of jewels, smuggled out of Russia during the 1917 revolution! This stunning set includes a 26.80 ct oval shaped Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond brooch and matching earrings weighing 6.69 and 9.63 ct.  Once the set belonged to the aunt of Emperor Nicholas II, Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna. When the revolution broke out, Maria Pavlovna tried to hold on to the trimmings of splendor. She entrusted the jewels to her friend – British antiques dealer and aristocrat Albert Henry Stopford. Stopford – dressed in workman’s clothes – transported them out of Russia wrapped in old newspapers. He brought the jewels in London, where Maria Pavlovna never got to. Such a beauty!

The Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels Auction presents not only jewelry with sapphires in classic blue color, but also in yellow one. For example, Gem and Diamond Brooch with an impressive 129.08 ct yellow sapphire at the center. It also features  pear-shaped and circular-cut sapphires, cabochon emeralds and brilliant-cut diamonds. The brooch’s signed Reza, maker’s marks for Reza and Jacques Timey.

As for rubies, these gems were also considered to be royal stones. By the way, in ancient Sanskrit ruby is called «ratnaraj», or «king of precious stones».  

Sothbey’s introduces Bulgari ruby and diamond ring with ear clips, as well as a stunning Van Cleef & Arpels ruby, emerald and diamond parure (circa 1960). This set also comes from a European Princely Family and includes a necklace designed as a line of cabochon rubies framed with brilliant cut diamonds, alternating with foliate motifs set with circular-cut emeralds (the necklace may be also worn as two bracelets), a ring and a pair of earrings of the same design. 

Yellow diamonds, which have already become a new classic, are also presented at this Sotheby’s auction. Pay attention to the luxurious Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond ring with a cut-cornered square modified brilliant cut yellow diamond that weighs 5.04 ct and is set between triangular diamond shoulders. 

Another example is a pair of Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond ear clips from a European Princely Family. The brilliant cut diamonds of an incredible color, weighing 3.27 and 3.37 ct, are framed with brilliant-cut diamonds.

Finally, the Sothbey’s Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels Auction presents two diamond and gold jewelry pieces for thin wrists – Bulgari Serpenti wristwatch and Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake Diamond bracelet. Just look how stunning they are!

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