The Regent Diamond

The Regent Diamond

The Regent Diamond made a long journey.

📍 India

Discovered in 1698, the rough Diamond weighted 426 ct and immediately caught the attention of multiple merchants across British-ruled India.

📍 London

In 1701, the stone was purchased by the President of Madras (a state in India) and sent to London in a shoe heel of his eldest son, Robert. Unfortuntunately, we don’t know anything about the jeweler who cut the 141-ct cushion-cut Diamond from this raw stone. However, it’s simply brilliant!

📍 France

Surprisingly, the European royalty wasn’t interested in the purchase of the Diamond for several years… Eventually, French Regent Philippe II decided to buy it for £135,000.

This Diamond was set into different crowns for monarchs of France and even into a hat adornment for Marie Antoinette!

When the French Revolution broke out, crown jewels of France were caught up, the Regent Diamond, however, was hidden in one of the abandoned Parisian attics…

Afterwards, Napoleon used the Regent Diamond in the scabbard of his sword and later had it mounted into the pommel hilt of a two-edged sword designed by the House of Chaumet.

After that “Le Régent” continued adorning the crowns of Louis XVIII, Charles X and Napoleon III.

📍 Our days

Finally, the Regent Diamond was set into a Greek-style diadem of Empress Eugenie – and then put on display at the Louvre Museum. The only time it was concealed was during the outbreak of World War II when the Regent Diamond was hidden away in the French countryside town of Chambord.

It remains in the Apollo Gallery to this day.

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