What is the difference between diamonds and gemstones?

What is the difference between diamonds and gemstones?

Everybody loves diamonds. They are the most popular gemstones in the world. But why?

Ruby, emerald, blue or yellow sapphire are just as sparkly as diamonds – and moissanite or cubic zirconia may look almost the same. And yet, year after year we keep investing our savings in diamonds – rare and exquisite stones.

What makes them so special?

– Diamonds are formed much deeper in the Earth’s surface than other gemstones
– Diamonds are made from a single chemical element – highly pressurised carbon. All other gems are compounds of two or more chemical elements
– Diamonds predate life on the Earth. Some of them are 100 million years old! Over 25 million years ago, diamonds blasted to the surface in massive explosions. In most seismically active regions, they just evaporated (Yes!). Fortunately, they survived and laid unnoticed for millions of years in more stable areas
– Finally, their durability! Diamond is the hardest gemstone known to the mankind.

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