What makes diamond colored?

What makes diamond colored?

Each gem has its own unique story to tell…

Natural colorued diamonds owe their outstanding appearance to several fundamental chemical reactions that take place deep down the the Earth surface.

💎 Brown, Red & Pink Diamonds

These diamonds owe their colour to a combination of heat and pressure.

💎 Gray & Blue Diamonds

These colours are determined by the amount of boron in a gem.

💎 Green Diamonds

Just as these gemstones are about to leave the uppermost layer of the crust, the stones absorb the natural radiation, which makes them reflect green hue as a result of absorbing red and yellow lights.

💎 Violet and Purple Diamonds

The source of purple and violet colours is crystal distortion. Alternatively, some amount of hydrogen may also create some of its hue.

💎 Orange and Yellow Diamonds

The remarkable shade of yellow and orange diamonds is attributed to one chemical element – nitrogen.

So, that’s how nature and chemical reactions create unique, beautiful gems! Brown and yellow ones are considered to be the most common colours in natural coloured diamonds, while pink, blue, orange, green, red, and violet shades are extremely rare.

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