Y for Yellow Diamond

Y for Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond 1.78 ct

Breathtaking  like the beauty of the rising sun, warm and playful like sunbeams, desirable like the most joyful smile – that’s what Yellow Diamonds are like.


Although Yellow Diamonds are less common than colorless, white  diamonds, they are far more common than blue, pink, green and red diamonds. And they’re extremely popular. 

It is nitrogen that differentiated a colourless diamond from its canary sibling billions of years ago. Therefore, the intensity of the shade depends on the amount of nitrogen. Yellow Diamonds may be Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid – depending on the color saturation. 

Each Diamond is unique – and Yellow Diamonds are no exception. Their color may range from brownish yellow to orangey yellow, greenish yellow and so on.

Yellow Diamonds are usually cut in fancy shapes in order to intensify their yellow color. For example, oval shape is one of the most popular shapes for Yellow Diamonds as it maximises the color. 

Yellow Diamonds are found all over the world, but those of the intense color typically come from South Africa. 


The first Yellow Diamond to be discovered was also the first Diamond found in South Africa! 

In 1867 a young boy found a rough stone in the grass, and his mother, not realising its worth, gave it to their neighbour. Then, the Diamond travelled all over Europe and finally was bought by De Beers. Today, this diamond is known as the Eureka Diamond and is on display at the Kimberley Mine Museum. 

There is another Yellow Diamond connected to Kimberley – the Kimberley Octahedron. Discovered in 1972, it is considered to be the largest natural Diamond in the world weighing 616 ct. Today, it is on display at the Diamond Vault at the Big Hole in Kimberley.

Nowadays, Yellow Diamonds have become an exceptional centerpiece of a huge part of engagement rings. Alluring and joyful, they shine on the rings of happy brides and grooms, demonstrating the bold and playful character of their owners.

Reuven’s comment

Yellow diamonds are definitely the trendiest among all the fancy colored diamonds! Fancy Intense Yellow Diamonds and Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds are especially appreciated. Also rare – and hence, more expensive – are yellow diamonds in the emerald or round cut. That’s because it requires special skills and luck of the cutter to preserve the intensity of the color in such shapes. Not an easy task at all. 

Yellow diamonds are considered investment stones if they have a Fancy Intense Yellow or Fancy Vivid Yellow colors, weigh from 10 carats or if they have an identical pair.

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